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International Show Room & Pret A Porter

September 20th , 2017

An exclusive presentation of International showroom and Pret A Porter showcase for our Fashion Community Week kickoff event. An evening held at the elegant Fairmont Hotel begins with a VIP cocktail hour followed by an exquisite showroom presentation and fashion show. The evening fades into a glamorous celebration party featuring International Beats. The proceeds of this evening will benefit the featured foundation of the Day. Join us to support designers and raise awareness of community causes. A mélange of sophistication awaits your presence this evening.

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Sustainability & Future of Fashion Conference

September 21st , 2017

An evening to experience the Industry experts share about current affairs in the Industry. The topics will cover the Importance of Sustainability and Future of the Fashion industry with Tech advancements. Come join us for an insightful evening and an opportunity to network with the Fashion industry professionals.

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Emerging Designers, Menswear and Technology

September 22nd , 2017

This is the first Event in San Francisco to feature a Fashion Industry Emerging Designers Men’s and Technology Wear Show together. The evening is featuring a stunning Emerging, Menswear and innovative Tech Designs on the Runway. The Evening will commence with an exclusive Meet and Greet event followed by a Striking runway show concluding with a one of a kind after party. The proceeds of this evening will benefit the Featured Foundation of the day. Join us to support Designers and raising awareness of Community Causes. A hip and futuristic evening that is not to be missed.

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Couture for a Cause

September 23rd , 2017

Red carpet evening of intrigue, high fashion and elegance will take place at the Gorgeous Redwood room, at the Clift Hotel in the Heart of San Francisco. The evening will begin with a Social hour with our VIP guests followed by an exquisite Fashion show featuring Couture designers. The evening will continue with a Celebration party featuring a Famous Global Deejay. The proceeds of this evening will benefit the Featured Foundation of the day. Join us to support Designers and raising awareness of Community Foundation. An evening of celebration and culture to remember!

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Sustainable Fashion Week Runway Show

September 24th, 2017

Fashion Community Week Finale Day featuring Sustainable Fashion Week. An afternoon dedicated to raising awareness towards Conscious Living. This is one of the Important and most attended day of Sustainable Fashion Week. This year we are celebrating Sustainability with an Exclusive Fancy Brunch! The afternoon will commence with a VIP Brunch and Cocktail session followed by Sustainable Fashion show featuring Extravagant Local and Eco Designs on the runway. The day will continue with an exquisite lounge party with global beats. Join us on our Final day for fun under the Sun on a beautiful rooftop, benefiting our featured Organization of the day. A day of Celebration not to be missed!


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