Exhibiting at the Fashion Community Week was a wonderful experience. Being able to interact, introduce, and get face to face feedback from customers,       bloggers, other designers and knowledgeable personalities in the Fashion world       was simply priceless! Looking forward to the next event!"

Tendance Wear

showed my collection at Fashion Community Week September 2018 and had a great time! FCW is a platform that represents great values, that often is missed in the fashion industry. And they also give proceeds to different non-profit organizations every event. I hope they will grow and get bigger and bigger in the future

Elisabeth Vestli

It is with great joy that i express my gratitude to Fashion Community week.As a designer from Africa i must say this is one of the most organised fashion show i have participated in,your team/organisation are fabulous, always on time and ready to assist. i definitely will like to come back.Thank you for having me - Faith Duruaku

FD Fashion House

I have a wonderful time in san francisco and I love the Fashion community week it was so organized and well prepared, and the hotel was beyond my expectations, the full team was so kind and helpful, I have no words to describe the feeling of happiness with the runway, everything was great, it was nice to meet Shirin and all her team, the models were also so kind and special, the hole experience exceeded my expectations, for now one I will like to continue participation in any event that Shirin and the team may have. thank you very much for this opportunity I appreciate it very much.

Rosa Pistacho

My experience with Fashion Community Week was one of its kind. The assistance and volunteers help make everything backstage FLOW. The turn out was a success.As for the designer that is looking to grow their audience and also get the opportunity to build their brand,...Fashion Community Week has the platform to take that leap.-- Jean Fredeling Designer of the 3rdeye Brand

The 3rdeye brand

It was such a pleasure and honor to be a part of the production and festivities at fashion community week. I had one of the best experience as a designer

Binta Sagale

Fashion Community Week has brought me a lot of exposure as a young designer and I couldn't be more thankful for this experience. The team at Fashion Community Week was professional and they helped me significantly since I'm only a student. I recommend Community Fashion Week to any young designer willing to get their name out there. I'm also happy FCW is held in San Francisco, as San Fran is a fashion hub

Marissa Britt Holt

This is my first time showing with FCF and it was a great experience and atmosphere. Shirin and the team are extremely professional, and helpful to provide a platform for designers to shine. FCW has been a great contributor to the Fashion industry in the Bay Area, and I can’t wait to show with them again.

William Lei

As smooth and amazing as the show went at the Clift Hotel for Fashion Community Week. You wouldn’t believe all the hard work that went into it. FCWSF team was amazing. They all worked in unison, dressed in black kind of blending in with each other. Helping designers with last minute fittings. Helping models get to makeup. By the way, I couldn’t have asked for better models. They were very professional and made my clothes come to life on the runway. FCWSF team rocked I wish I knew all their names. But I’m thankful for each and everyone of them. They all had a huge part in this incredible adventure. Even when my white pants got smudged with red lipstick. They solved it in minutes and everything was back to normal. Magic right? So glad I got to be part of this wonderful experience. I’m a sucker for the adrenaline feeling I get before a show! Can’t wait for the next one.

Ayla Clothing

It was a great experience to participate in SF Fashion Community Week’s 2018 Couture International Night runway show. The organizers are so helpful — true professionals who know and love their business. I am grateful for the opportunity to be represented. Thank you for your dedication and hard work!


Partnering with a like-minded organization such as Sustainable Fashion Week allowed us to drive and continue to grow the conversation around healthy, sustainable skincare and its important role within the fashion industry. We were not only provided with a platform for education, but we were able to connect with potential partners who believe in our mission to take care of yourself, others, and the planet. Overall, the event was beautifully and seamlessly executed, showcasing some of the most diverse and talented designers and creators across industries - founder and CEO of Plantioxidants

Josh Wadinski


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