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Whitney is co-founder and CSO of 3DLOOK, a technology company which is on a mission to make commerce more personal using AI to disrupt fit and sizing across the retail ecosystem. Whitney has spent over two decades working in executive leadership positions for some of America’s leading branded and private label apparel manufacturers. With broad experience in product development, manufacturing, and retail, Whitney also holds a certification from MIT in Artificial Intelligence. Whitney is an expert at understanding the intersection of retail and technology.

Impresee is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company based in Silicon Valley, that delivers practical applications for eCommerce. We utilize Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to tackle some of the the issues faced by retailers in the digital era. Our proprietary technology allows customers to browse through ecommerce platforms via:

  • Image search: buyers take a picture of their favorite product, upload it onto their favorite retailer and get relevant matches fast.

  • Sketch search: when products are too complex to describe with words, sketch them! Use the sketch to find similar products fast on your retailer's website

  • Hashtoc Search: the future of hashtags is here! Utilize intelligent hashtags on marketing campaigns to extend product catalogs onto social media.

  • Data Analytics: capitalize on user interaction on eCommerce sites to learn about their shopping preferences. 

Our technologies feature fast integrations with any eCommerce platforms and are designed to enhance shopping experience into a fun process that generate more traffic, increase conversion rates and most importantly: its easy and fun!

Daniel Idzkowski is a serial entrepreneur most recognized for co-inventing the SKUNKLOCK, the only bicycle, motorcycle, and scooter lock to employ a chemical deterrent to prevent theft. In addition to his own entrepreneurial pursuits, Daniel empowers aspiring entrepreneurs through lecturing and mentoring at the Founder Institute, a well-respected pre-seed accelerator. Daniel is also a contributing board member, advisor, and investor for numerous early-stage companies, with a specific interest in the fashion industry. He is also a managing partner of American Pillar Partners, where he has helped hundreds of companies raise capital and grow their businesses.

Ovanah is a curated fashion marketplace that allows people to shop quality apparels and accessories from top boutiques, designers and brands. Our ML powered platform allows sellers to manage all aspects of online selling in one place. Once a seller adds their inventory to our platform, we do the work of attracting buyers. Our smart e-commerce platform allows people to shop many unique products and get smart recommendations based on their taste.

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Careste boldly redefines what is possible in fashion one impeccably made-to-measure garment at a time.  With our original designs and exclusive limited edition Italian prints, we honor the unique beauty, self-expression, and desire to elevate one’s personal style through an innovative couture experience at an unheard of price point.
Our mission is to design and deliver made-to-measure and made-to-order luxury women’s fashion through an indulgent couture experience.

Beth is a founder of unspun, a company changing the way we make and buy clothing. She received her bachelor's degree in Fiber Science & Apparel Design from Cornell University and her master's degree in Design from Stanford University. She's spent time as a Product Developer at Pearl Izumi, Materials Researcher at Mountain Hardwear, and Professor of Product Design at the University of Oregon. As you may be able to tell, she loves design, manufacturing, and making the apparel industry something to be proud of!

Bay Angels, founded in 1998, is one of the most respected and important angel groups in Silicon Valley. We like companies in major industries in large or expanding target markets—and possess highly scalable business models. Companies that address major problems for large (or potentially large) target markets that can generate significant demand are highly desirable. However, we generally avoid participating with companies that have long investment and exit cycles, such as biotech and heavy hardware. Both Roger King, the founder, and Jordan Wahbeh, Managing Partner, enjoy a solid reputation in the eco-system and have recruited stellar members which include both accredited investors and members of the venture capital community. Over the years they've helped a number of early-stage companies acquire funding angel and launch their offerings.


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