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After working for several years in cancer research, I started my online store and fashion line to showcase my passion, ‘Indian-Inspired Contemporary Designs’. I am enamored by the beauty of Indian textiles. To bring their beauty and age-old history to modern day life, I design contemporary clothing using vibrant and luxurious fabrics of India. To me, fashion is a 3-dimensional art form that influences our mental health. Our clothing styles, colors and textures influence not only how we look but how we feel about ourselves.
My designs combine simple lines with exquisite fabrics making them unique, elegant and beautiful. You will find my designs at


NdiRitzy is an international designer brand and my goal is to bring a solution to the biggest problem in Fashion. Which is, designing the perfect fit for every one in all sizes.
 I believe the perfect fit does not have to be difficult to find. NdiRitzy mission statement is, “if you can dream it, I will make it come to life.” Checkout
So, don’t be afraid to dream big and go wild, because Ndiritzy is here to help you design your perfect dream dress.
Let’s work together to make your dream come true! Send me an email to get started!

Kyra & Vira

At Kyra & Vir, we believe what you wear should be a reflection of who you are. Every person deserves a design with a soul, a story, and a purpose. That's why we discover and partner with up-and-coming boutique designers: to blend your style with their time-tested skills to develop an exclusive look just for you. We establish a strong personal relationship with our designers. From there, we sell directly to you online - there is no middleman. This is how we are able to offer made-to-order product crafted with the highest quality materials at affordable prices accessible to you from the comfort of your home.
Check out their profile at and email them at
Let’s work together to make your dream come true! Send me an email to get started!

Nanalola Couture

Monica Jones the Founder, Designer and President of NanaLola Couture. She is an advocate for the awareness and research into Myasthenia Gravis. For those of you who may not be familiar with this disease, Myasthenia Gravis is a chronic autoimmune neuro-muscular disease that attacks the muscles of the body causing chronic fatigue.
Monica also suffers from Myasthenia Gravis and therefore many of the clothes designed and created by her, are done so over several weeks to months depending on the detail needed. This disease can take a tole on her, causing limited sleep and fatigue. However, Monica wishes to let you know that you should not let anything hold you back from achieving your goals, your dreams and your aspirations.
Check out their profile at and email them at
Let’s work together to make your dream come true! Send me an email to get started!

Stella Carakasi

Designer Stella Carakasi launched her signature label in 2012 with a personal vision for creating luxurious and affordable designer wear for women who want to stand out and feel fabulous every day. The Stella Carakasi Collection brings a fresh perspective, pushing designs for women with silhouettes that flatter, fabric combinations that seduce on sight and touch, and unexpected design details. It is the line where European architectural design meets casual elegance, the line coveted by women looking for affordable luxury.  Stella produces 8 collections annually, which are available in her network of majors, domestic & international boutiques, and online at Min imalism with a twist, unexpected details and Natural Lux™ have long been Carakasi’s signature, and her design philosophy remains true: create unique and wearable clothing that transform the way women feel.

Women's Touch Apparel

Woman's Touch Apparel and Embellished Jewelry presents the "Highborn" collection. A brand dedicated to empowering women worldwide collaborating with a jewelry designer whom defines there brand as making women feel fierce, bold and strong is undeniable a powerful duo. The collaboration will feature and highlight the essence of a woman.

Woman's Touch Apparel Instagram: @WomansTouchApparel 
Embellished Jewelry Instagram: @EmbellishedJewelry

House of August Valentine

Offering one of a kind handmade sustainable luxury clothing and accessories for men and women. August Valentine is Designer Charlie Fisher's most recent Brand. Charlie has costumed burlesque troupes, performance artists, scene queens and everyone in between. Featuring inventive cuts and impeccable use of color, her clothing has often been referred to as Modern Western or whimsical in nature.  An independent high fashion runway staple in the bay area for over 15 years with a passion for environmentally friendly designs. To know more please email at

Shastamoore Designs

My name is Shonta Jones and I am a born and raised Bay Area Native. Growing up around Berkeley CA and San Francisco CA, I've always been around fashion. My grandmother was a fashion designer contractor for North Face. Which in turn instilled those values in my mother. And now, I'm making my own designs. Custom made and Recycled garments created by me of Shastamoore Designs. A clothing line that creates out of the box garments. To know more please email at

Clavon Leonard

Clavon Leonard is a New York based designer, stylist, and label who's dream is to leave a legacy of innovation and iconic style in fashion. Most noted for his menswear, Clavon finds his inspiration by fusing his cultural and moral experiences. Offering luxury garments and high-end leather accessories, he creates timeless pieces that unite classic style and trending movements. For more information and product purchase, visit


Aayat is a men’s corporate shirt brand based in the USA. We are an e-commerce brand selling our products through our website, We mainly focus on abstract prints & patterns cut from premium cotton & other quality fabric with easy-care characteristics.

Hopeless + Cause Atelier

With the belief that every woman deserves to feel and look beautiful. The concept is simple. Hopeless + Cause Atelier is a bespoke social wear line with a social conscience.Founded in Albuquerque, NM, the line believes in sustainable practices and giving back to charity. For more information, visit:

Lisa Lo

Lisa Lo is an enthusiastic fashion designer who is specializes in women's apparel.
Lisa emigrated to the United States from Taiwan in 2009. Growing up with both cultures inspired her to be passionate about bringing out the cross-cultural aspects of clothing apparel. 
Through the practice of combining different cultural elements, she is able to draw her inspiration from diverse areas. She creates innovative designs through the her artwork, by using textiles with a variety of textures and patterns and infusing them with her own style and creativity.

Ma Wei Yan

Wei Yan Maya Ma was born in China. She studied oil painting in Repin Academy of Fine Art University in Saint Petersburg, Russia from 2004 to 2006. She first worked in a textile company as a executive assistant from 2006 to 2007 where she discovered her interest in Fashion. She decided to study Fashion in the US. Right after she graduated from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, she became the founder of MWY Apparel Design  Co in 2013 ( Since then she has been designing custom-made garments for people all over the world who enjoy being unique and glamorous . Now she also manages the fashion department of the textile( cashmere) company in China - Dehong International Textile Co. ( ), and holds the position of Chief Fashion Designer in the company. "

V Boutique

V Boutique, located in the heart of San Francisco’s Union Square, believes in fashion, compassion and community. It is a unique social enterprise that offers designer-quality women's clothing and accessories at highly discounted prices.  Proceeds beyond operating expenses are donated to charities and local community endeavors that support women and youth.  V Boutique’s founder, Victoria Zitrin, has always found fashion as a powerful platform for advocacy. It is the boutique’s belief that it's success can only be measured by its outreach and the success of others. V Boutique is where Victoria’s flair for style and love for community meet.


AGAATI is original.  We are always bold, occasionally coy, sometimes mysterious but always just “us”.  At AGAATI  we  are  committed  to  adding fun, variety and stories to build your original collections. We strive to bring you one-of-a-kind experience without the couture price through sustainable efforts around the globe.
AGAATI keeps people and planet in mind while designing and producing our uniquely contemporary dresses and statement pieces. The sustainable and ethically made collections are the meeting point of couture and ready to wear. We aim to include one or more of our sustainable and ethical principles in each of the long-lasting items they make: artisan made, fair trade, recycled, humanly made, organic, eco-friendly and zero waste philosophy. AGAATI also donates 5% of their profits to non-governmental organizations that deal with the impact of fast fashion.


Sindashi means white in Otomi, a blank canvas ready to paint the colors of Mexico. Our inspiration is based on Mexican cultures such as Otomí, Huichol, Azteca and Maya.
It was created in 2008 by the Designer Angela Nasta, who gave herself the task of looking for painters, people who made graffiti, as well as artists with Bachelor's degree, Today in Sindashi we work designers, dressmakers, artists and people from different indigenous communities making each piece a piece only. Being this, the main argument that gives life to our brand.
Our pieces are unique and have their own history, as it reflects the inspiration of its author ... We want to transmit through our pieces the richness of our cultures.
Each piece is handcrafted and signed by its author which gives it greatness and originality, No piece is equal to the other. Each narrates the inspiration of the artist, which describe roots of Mexican cultures such as the Aztec calendar or Mayan pre-Hispanic figures, also are events such as the eclipse of sun or own animals such as deer and jaguar, which are very distinguished in the history of these cultures
In Sindashi we contribute to the preservation of these indigenous communities by giving wages and incentives so that these women are no longer abused and have a dignified life. All the embroideries are made by the women of these indigenous communities, 50 embroidering stones and 60 Otomies embroidering thread.


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