Oh Tepmongkol-Wheaton

The OhZone is inspired to bring gorgeous 3D garment to life with fashion technology platform that lowers the barrier of entry for fashion brands to create interactive customer experience of buying clothes online.  Our patented technology provides high fidelity, exquisitely detailed #3DREAL models from REAL garments in one zoom-able, rotate-able image ideal for 3D e-commerce, gaming, VR/AR, and advertising. She has MSEE from Stanford University and currently holds  seven patents in image and video processing algorithms.


Laya is the founder of ShopLook, a social commerce platform on a mission to help women make better decisions on what to buy and how to wear it. ShopLook's unique ability is to leverage user-generated data to artificially mimic the job of a human stylist, positioning it to solve the discovery problem in fashion retail in a meaningful way. Prior to founding ShopLook, Laya spent 9 years at Google working on partner and product strategy for Google shopping and ads.

Greg Moore

At his simplest, Greg is a solutions architect. He looks for large problems and creates a vision, team, technology, and strategy, which he executes to solve those problems. Along his path, he has won an Emmy, has been granted several patents, has invented game changing technology for MLB, has raised venture capital, has been a keynote speaker, and has published technical papers. Currently, Greg is the CEO and co-founder of Fit3D and BodyBlock AI, guest lecturer at SCU, mentor for global startups, and sits on the board of multiple companies.


Brand Presenters 


Sharon Miller is the CEO of Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, a non-profit small business development organization serving over 1,800 Bay Area residents with small business training and support services. Renaissance is also the San Francisco's SBA Women’s Business Center. The center offers many programs for those starting a new venture. A specialized 'Fashion Series named: Start your Own Fashion Business' is offered for new Fashion entrepreneurs to help head start their business!


Adam is a storyteller, strategist, and marketer. He has helped create over $2.5B in company growth and exits. Employing the power of narrative I have helped build brands and brought products to market for small and large companies, such as Kodak, Postini, and Cisco. A narrative approach to marketing sustainably grows companies faster and provides enormous value over the life of the company, because context is king. It helps all brand communications be informative, evocative, and memorable. Adam has an ecclectc background that includes Engineeering, Sales, and marketing, some brands focused in teh fashion space.


Aside from assisting in the development of emerging companies, his goal is to produce and distribute highly adventurous and innovative brands that speaks to the future of new discoveries. Nick focuses in emerging companies and specializes on Funding, Acquistions and Business Development.


The Co-Founder and CEO at COUTURME and an award winning Fashion designer with her own plus size line. Prior to COUTURME, she founded Tailornova and BootstrapFashion, a family of fashion design automation tech that enables rapid fashion design. After twenty years in the fashion industry as an Award winning designer for plus size brands like IGIGI, she founded a direct-to-consumer brand and generated $43M in sales and realized that the fashion industry is due for some major tech disruption.

P0 On Yeung

Po On is an Innovation and Partnerships Professional, Health and Wellness Advocate, Entrepreneur and loves to write about Personal Growth and Development. Currently Po On Yeung works at twitter and is a fashion enthusiastic as well. For her love and passion for fashion and the industry she founded a Young Professionals Event Series, leads partnership initiatives with SF Women in Tech groups and was Co-Founder of a Fashion Start-up aimed to address sustainability and social impact in the world of Fashion!


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