MJH Design Studio 

María Jose Herrera is a Peruvian fashion designer graduated from Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas. From an early age, she had a big interest in fashion and art which lead her to specialized in fashion production.

Her design philosophy centers around elemental pieces that balance creativity, function, and freedom of movement. 

In 2018, she was a finalist in Desafio Rey, one of the most prestigious fashion contests in Peru. That experience lead her to start a new stage in her career by creating her own slow fashion

brand: MJH Design Studio. Maria Jose’s objective is to create clothing and accessories that differ from what is commonly seen on the streets and to create an aggregated value that encourage people to appreciate what they wear.

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I.B. Bayo

Born in Osogbo, Nigeria, ninth generation of a traditional weaving family, Bayo

[pronounced Bio] learned to weave and dye from his mother and to sew from his father. Bayo attended the Niké Center for Art and Culture in Nigeria and studied indigo, batik, reverse appliqué, and clothing design. His I.B.Bayo line combines hand-woven, hand-dyed, and embroidered African textiles with other fabrics to create one-of-a-kind designs.

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Italia A Collection

A Sustainable and Zero Waste design Collection . It’s cozy sophistication, and relaxed look reflects the bold and confident woman. The brand welcomes warm hues of orange and oatmeal and cool hues blue and sage. In collaboration with Fibershed, the Coastal Zero Waste Loungesuit is biodegradable and sustainably made. This Fall Italia A Collection radiates sustainability with zero waste designs that reflect a carefree spirit and a conscious approach to fashion.

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Jade Marlin Brand

After his promising minor league baseball career ended prematurely, Jade Marlin turned to his love and passion for style and fashion. Undeterred by the crisis and determined to

make something positive out of his time on this Earth, driven by his faith in God, he poured all of his energy into launching a successful, unique fashion company. Despite the long odds

anyone faces in the highly competitive fashion industry, today Jade Marlin is a successful celebrity designer. He has launched a successful global brand, a designer clothing line

for men that is sold in hundreds of stores and that is admired around the world, he’s written an acclaimed autobiography. In the process his line has been showcased in galas from Beverly Hills to the posh upper class areas of New York City, with International showcases in the plans. His work has even garnered a grand nomination for a coveted Council Fashion

Designers of America Award. As if launching a clothing line and developing a global brand weren’t enough work, he has also launched the Jade Loves Kids Foundation to generate

educational resources to help underprivileged kids get a fair chance in life. This is just the beginning of a long, successful journey for this driven, modern fashion entrepreneur.

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Cristina Cordeiro

Cristina Cordeiro is an independent artist and well established designer from the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from where she conceives her collection. In simple and clear lines, Cristina proposes a minimalist and architectural way that goes beyond the garment suggesting a sustainable declaration for the contemporary world - organic

and timeless silhouettes cut with simplicity and respect to the material. Style is integrated with well being and simplicity as a form, informing a way of being. The making of the pieces is done individually, supporting local and conscious manufacturing, including the artist's signature hand brush strokes on natural fibers as an option to balance body, touch, style, well-being and freedom.



My name is Joua Xiong. I am a self taught designer. I like to sew dresses for fun and

now it has become something I really enjoy and want to pursue. Most of my designs are

inspired by the Hmong culture and this was how my brand developed. I wanted to

create beautiful dresses that represented who I am and where I came from.

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A by Anubha

At A by Anubha we curate a range of finely hand- crafted, unique coats created using ‘Khadi’ fabric from India. This eco-friendly fabric is woven on handloom by artisans around India. Every season we deliver a collection of these tailored coats in exquisite colors to accent your outwear wardrobe. 

Anubha Srivastav designer/owner at A by Anubha has been designing for 8 years now and has participated in multiple Fashion shows and pop- events in San Francisco. She started as an Assistant Designer in New Delhi,India. She has traveled the world and brings diverse aesthetics to her designs as well. In her school years she interned with Donna Karan International in New York and recently she attended Fashion Marketing school at Instituto Europeo Design IED Moda Milan, Italy.

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COUTURME custom designs and manufactures women's dresses online. We offer made-to-measure bridal gowns, as well as formal and semi-formal dresses.

We use our own AI-powered fashion design technology to design custom couture collections instantly. Our exclusive gowns are handmade in Europe and are a one-of-a-kind quality. We practice ethical and sustainable on-demand manufacturing.

COUTURME is a Y Combinator backed company. At COUTURME we also pioneered a patent-pending hidden figure-enhancement InstantContourTM technology, enabling wearers of any size or shape to skip wearing a bra or shape-wear with our form-fitting or low-back

gowns, while looking shapely and fabulous. We work with client's budgets and our custom bridal gowns are priced from $700-$2500 and formal dresses are $200-$600.

Founder and CEO, Yuliya Raquel, is a four-time award-winning fashion designer and entrepreneur.

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TukTak Studio 

Tuk-tak art & craft studio is a fashion art and crafting institution which was founded by the

passionate founder who graduated from a no.1 art University, faculty of decorative

arts, majoring in fashion design. Due to the assignments, there are arts working on the

human body mixing with hand craft work on the cloths collection which is one of

the characters of the tuk-tak art & craft studio. More further this collection has a

jewelry and resin handmade business called flower.neverdie



ACCENT by Chris Ategeka [ ah-tay-gay-kah] is an ethical and sustainable fashion label based in San Francisco, California, that designs men's and women's slim fit blazers for a lean professional look.

Accent's mission is to make you look good while providing a gift of access to

opportunity to kids in underserved regions of the world. 

Whether you are a young professional, tech executive, a movie star, a

professional athlete, or a model. ACCENT is for you!

ACCENT was founded to drive positive societal change through sustainable


All garments are designed and produced in limited quantities in order to combine

value with quality.

Designer fun fact : Chris is a fashion designer, a serial entrepreneur and an

Engineer by training.

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Autumn Psalm 

My name is Autumn and I am a California based designer. My label, Autumn Psalm, features

children’s wear and women’s wear. I focus on sustainable fashion using fabrics

that are locally sourced. My latest womens Collection was featured at

Sacramento’s Havana Nights event (proceeds given to the Lupis Foundation).

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Zangmi Achoung

Zangmi Achoung this brand name was inspired from a Tibetan woman called Achoung generally found in history.

Achoung was considered one of the eight great sages in Tibetan history. She was a young beautiful and hardworking lady, more than that she had a unique vision and understanding of beauty. She changed Tibetan men and women styles of clothing to make the men look grand and tall, women look elegant and gracefully beautiful, for that she had been praised and honored by the whole society. Now in this new generation Achoung is almost forgotten by many of us young Tibetans.

We could only find her name in the history books.

So a brand named Achoung is to commemorate her as well as to inspire many young women to be self-confident and to do something great in ones life.

Zangmi's  (meaning Sage in Tibetan ) logo was inspired by a Tibetan girl dressed in aristocratic garb and it represents Achoung.

Ocean SF

Sydney Chaney Thomas started Ocean SF with the belief that clothes can be high performance and beautiful, without having a negative impact on the environment.

As a sailor and conservationist Sydney was looking for an alternative to polyester and found it by making her own 100% Merino Wool mid-layer suitable for all outdoor sports.

By wearing Ocean SF you can support the vision of environmental protection of

our oceans and water ways.

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Sloane A. White 

Sloane A. White is a designer working out of Portland, OR. creating inclusive

couture for feminine presenting persons. White works with reuse materials to

challenge the traditional manufacturing process of high end clothing. With a

degree in stop motion animation, Sloane’s first garments were miniature. Besides

managing a couture line, White also is the founder and director of Fringe Fashion

which is Portland’s first and only completely inclusive fashion show.

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Publicity Stunt

My name's Yosef and I'm an Eritrean illustrator from the South Bay. My work's

inspired by street culture, Afro-futurism, and diaspora. The characters I construct

are higher beings who often struggle with identity, injustice and adaptation.

Publicity Stunt is a wearable art project I recently started; the collection is solely

comprised of mixed media statement pieces. With this collection, I look to

facilitate discourse on the dynamics of youth subcultures, and the public spaces

we occupy.



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