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Hassan Riaz a young passionate fashion designer of brand GOGI is the newest addition to the world of fashion designers and one of the paramount avant-garde designer of Asia, had made a very provocative and a great start to his career.brand gogi by hassan is about contemporary clothing with his distinctive modern- dark beauty – romanticism and sensual aesthetic.

Genaro Rivas is a sustainable designer from Peru creating ready to wear and bridal collection . Genaro has been featured in various reputed fashion magazine's like VOUGE , Osle Fashion Week as a newbie in fashion industry. He has also received acclamation on global platform as well as he was featured at ethical fashion show in Switzerland

NANCY VUU - praised as "HIGH-FASHION ELEGANCE", is already building itself a powerhouse . Since it's launch at LA Fashion Week 2014, NANCY VUU has won the hearts of couture lovers around the world. The brand has claimed its stake and now graces the pages of Glamour, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, BRIDES, and Vogue. The brand then launched their women's collection in September 2016 with IMG NYFW which landed in Chronicles "Best of NYFW".

Founded by Dufie Boateng in 2018, Dufie Boateng Official is a contemporary womenswear brand that uses a creative approach geared at infusing the African narrative through silhouettes, Color, texture and detail in order to tell a story through the pieces they adorn. The specialty of the

brand is to create statement yet practical Ready-to-wear and custom pieces for the purpose of gracing special events.

The biography of the brand will be "Leather Exotica under the brand, Meron Addis Ababa is one of the emerging startups engaged in designing and manufacturing leather products. We provide our target customers with state-of-the-art design and high-quality leather products such as bags, clutches, laptop bags, travel bags, and a variety of accessories like key chains, pen holders, belts, etc. We leverage both physical and digital platforms to reach out to our customers. Additionally, our company has started to make leather shoes and jackets."

RABD inc. is the company that create and produce fashion items for stores and individuals. We respond to client's all the request in various perspectives, and support consistently for clients' products even from the smaller quantities.We have been producing various apparel brands and products, which is styled from casual to mode, regardless of men's or ladies, so you will also be able to find your favorite styles from our proposal in comfortable price.

Wanda Jara Designs is a custom ready to wear clothing line very much. Designs range from teens to womenwear. He designs dresses , gowns , very pretty and elegant wear . The patterns are very modern and lot of floral patterns used. 

Their designs are influenced from their culture and surrounding , making it comfortable for everyday wear as well.

SAGA DO ROSE, a young dynamic modern-minded team in the field of fashion. We are a creative team in fashion, styling and designing. We are three sisters a mother, who each have their own unique style which we put in our designs. Our signature work is the batik. We try to implement it in our modern unique designs. We love to share our unique style with the world.The recent “URBAN ASIAN” summer collection 2020 is pretty much different from all the other designs over the past years. The inspiration behind this collection is “street wear”. Comfy, relax for every age and size with an Asian twist.

Our Mission is to spread awareness of the importance of sustainable fashion, fabric source, style and its impact on the environment. Blending trend, with comfort and eco-friendly fabric is what we the term as sustainable and ethical clothing. We primarily focus on Bio-degradable and handwoven fabric to meet the needs of our Brand. Handcrafted from scratch, each garment is a result of endless days of hard work that a team of weavers, dyers, craftsmen, and tailors put in for one finished product.

My brand identity is based on the love and inspiration I have for my country. I lived in Marrakech, the red city, where one can only be inspired by its bright colors and exceptional artistic scene. I grew up in the middle of traditional Moroccan art, where I learned to dance, to play music, and especially to appreciate what makes us so unique. Having bathed in this environment in Morocco, in Africa, I wanted to share with the world my love for my culture, my country, and my city. My roots make my personality, hence my brand. It is colorful, elegant and empowering.  I hunt for traditional textiles made by local artisans, that helps me represent my country’s colors and traditions, all in a modern design aesthetic. 

Tom Foolery started with the simple idea of creating rompers that allow women to use the ladies room without sitting on a drafty stall clutching your naked chest with your jumpsuit around your ankles while frantically tracking passers by in the crack next to the door. Tom Foolery jumpsuits are made locally and under fair conditions from responsibly-sourced eucalyptus. We have partnered with a sewing college in Kenya offering girls the opportunity for independence through starting their own business. We are working on establishing a sewing shop in Kenya to employ graduates of the program.

ESSIE Apparel is a clothing brand for fashion-forward women. It is inspired by bold and edgy looks that emulate the notion of ‘The Globetrotter’ and ‘International Jetsetter’ and is a fusion of Enhle’s personal style, which is a combination of simplistic, yet edgy with class. The brand is an evolution of emotional experiences, travel and an innate passion for the arts. Enhle's ethos are embodied in the brand– Keep moving forward to push boundaries, never stop.

Shass Atelier has been a unique designer in the industry . Loves playing with unique colors patterns and designs . Tries to inculcate a heritage and a storytelling pattern through their designs and wear. The clothing line being very modern and chic with neutral colors and everyday chic wear. The clothing line would be very much printed.  


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