Seoul Painters

Won Jeon, the founder of PAINTERS, studied Fashion Design at Seoul Mode Fashion Institute (2012-2014) and Womenswear at  London College of Fashion (2014-2018).he worked at 2 designers label called ZEQUUN (Seoul) and  Faustine Steinmetz (London). After those experiences, He started his label at Seoul called 'PAINTERS'.PAINTERS is focused on developing specific identity and aesthetic in Womenswear through their collections to propose different form of beauty. PAINTERS is trying to creating new shapes that do not effected by others taste or trend. Not only following beautiful faces, garments or proportion like lots of ad, PAINTERS aimed, to make a new impact that different people could be accepted within their own level of  individual's tastes and identity. Therefore, PAINTERS is trying to propose people with different beauty and shapes to suggest different ideas of form.

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Tom Foolery

Tom Foolery started with the simple idea of creating rompers that allow women to use the ladies room without sitting on a drafty stall clutching your naked chest with your jumpsuit around your ankles while frantically tracking passers by in the crack next to the door. The solution was this: an open, overlapping side seam with a drop down seat.
Tom Foolery jumpsuits are made locally and under fair conditions. Our goal is to not only create visually appealing garments, but to maintain integrity in the production process. All jumpsuits are made from plastic bottles collected in Haiti. Our partners at Thread International develop environmentally responsible jersey and create thousands of jobs in developing countries with the production process. Thread is a socially and environmentally conscious corporation on a mission to end poverty by creating dignified jobs and responsible, high-quality fabrics. We are very proud and excited to be a contributor to their goal. We hope to set an example of true transparency and ethically produced clothing.

Mia Maree Couture

Mia Evans was born and raised in San Francisco CA and later moved to the East Bay where she married then divorced and raised her three children as a single mom.  For many years, Mia has been inspired by well known high end fashion designers from a young age and before she knew it, she had a strong desire to create a fashion line one day herself.  As a single mom, becoming a fashion designer took the back seat to raising her children and soon enough she was able to attend local schools and networking with people in the industry.  It wasn’t long before Mia’s patients, hard work and determination paid off because she’s now a raising entrepreneur in the fashion industry.  The butterfly that displays on Mia’s logo represents the shy little girl from low income communities of San Francisco with the trails & tribulations of divorce and single motherhood as a young woman, to the most humble, strong, beautiful, intelligent and sophisticated women that she is today!

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Mona E Awad is the designer behind Callistus Jewelry. Her passion for art, fashion, and jewelry was sparked at an early age watching her mom design children's clothing. She draws inspiration from her hometown Jerusalem and architecture and cultures from her many travels. The collection is Byzantine-inspired, relying on a mix of metals, including sterling silver, gold, and gemstones. Jewelry has always been part of everyday life to adorn the outfit throughout many civilizations. It brings pleasure as well as sentimental value. Each piece has a story which makes it more valuable. Callistus Jewelry is excited to bring you timeless, antique jewelry with a modern twist


Celebrating Women and their Power to Change the World, One Dress at a Time.

AGAATI derived from the Sanskrit word Agati means Origin, arrival or arising. A demi-couture lifestyle brand AGAATI brings together culture, craftsmanship and nature inspired designs to the modern woman as one-of-a-kind experience in sustainable and accessible luxury. And in doing so, empower her to empower others! What you wear is more than just a piece of clothing. It tells a story about you in an unspoken language and reveals a deeper connection with your emotions, values, and culture. From the very beginning AGAATI has inspired the modern woman to look closely at what she wears, why she wears it and how it impacts people and the environment. AGAATI is leading fashion into the much-needed sustainable future!

Mode Vitamins

Are you a model or want a fit body like a model? We bring you the only Natural Supplement you will ever need to Lose Weight with our changing your diet or exercising more. Supplement made for models, approved by models.


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