George Styler

George Styler is a Los Angeles based fashion designer originally from Serbia known for his ethno-look knitwear and unique costumes. His clothes have been seen in major fashion magazines and on the catwalks of London Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week.  
He graduated from the ‘Univerity of Textile-Design, Technology and Management’ in Belgrade (apparel design and textile design).  
He is ‘Ones to Watch Winner’ of Season AW14 (London Fashion Week), and 2014 Knitwear King.  
His colorful knitwear collections are sociological studies expressed through fashion where words and phrases are replaced by clothing of expressive communicative powers.
His collections express multiculturalism since he combine ethno motives from Africa, Asia, Balkan and South America with a touch of British punk and Hollywood glamour. All of these elements contribute in creating unique designs that fuse modern and traditional.


The story begins in front of an old sewing machine, my grandma patiently showing me how to pass the thread through the needle and wind the bobbin. I am 8. I find comfort in the bustle of her fashion school and the hum of all the machines singing in unison. Outside there is a cold chill in the Peruvian air, but amongst the rich fabrics, and the colorful textiles, I feel warm.
I miss her.
Fashion has always been an important part of my life. It was always a place, where as a family, we could talk about what we liked, share ideas and dreams, and find common ground over a hot cup of tea. My mother, a strong women, with an incredible gift to design, always kept me interested in what was new and trending, while continuing to teach me the fundamentals of classic art and design. I continue to learn from her, and push new boundaries every day.
I love her.
I’ve always had the feeling I was different, and that is sometimes hard to embrace, but through my journey I have come to see that is what defines my style. I’ve traveled the world, and have met many beautiful souls that I carry with me wherever I go. The experiences and friendships I have made shine through my creations. I want life to seep through my clothing. I want my designs to tell stories, the same ones that I was told, but through a different channel. Ayla is passionate. Ayla is strong. I am Ayla.
Andrea Alvarado.

FD Fashion House

FD Fashion House was founded by
Faith Duruaku a young Nigerian female entrepreneur, with a base in Accra? Ghana. FD Fashion House is a unique clothing line that focus on quality couture garments, wedding-bridal designs and occasional outfits. 
FD Fashion House showcased her maiden collection in March 2018 at the Accra Fashion Week, Ghana where she got herself noticed by the media and online magazines, in July 2018 Faith Duruaku was invited as a guest speaker and a designer to Bryte Africa Fashion week Kumasi, Accra, Ghana where she showcased another collection.
Faith relentlessly searches for outlets for her creativity. Her intention and vision is to launch her own line with 'ready-to wear' and couture pieces for women of class.

Rosa Pistacho

Rosapistacho born from the need for expression of women to print their personal start-up when dressing to feel different and express their creativity to the maximum, arises from a journey through artisan cultures where detail is important. Whereas personalization and decoration in architecture art and the environment plays a very important role. We extract shapes and textures from different countries: Morocco, India and Mexico but above all we highlight the process of Colombian embroidery to give our own touch where the artisan techniques of Putumayo indigenous (Colombia) combined with hand embroidery and the combination of textures that reflect that electric and different world.

When you buy a piece a Rosapistacho you prioritize manual work supporting talent the work of grandmothers and artisans who are dedicated to preserving our cultural wealth you are supporting a unique product made by Colombian hands. We seek to generate awareness of the value behind product leaving traces of the hands that worked them and the stories told while our dreams were intertwined we make conscious fashion.


Brooksware "It is my dream to see everyone look and feel their best and I believe BrooksWare Clothing and Cut's is the way to achieve this for our generation". 

BrooksWare offers the complete image at an affordable price-point. With a focus on comfort, quality and style BrooksWare is classic Clothing for OUR Generation

Binta Sagale

Binta Sagale designs concoction of African and American fabrics. She creates comfort clothing with a chic and edgy vibe and presents an electric mix of classic and contemporary designs in the African fabrics. Her collections are haute couture, to say the least. It is an assortment of dresses, appropriate for any occasion, jumpsuits, and 2 piece ensembles

I.B. Bayo

Born in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria, the ninth generation of a traditional weaving family, Bayo [pronounced Bio] learned his trade at an early age from generations of cloth artisans. He learned to weave and dye from his mother, and to sew from his father who made traditional clothing for Nigerian royalty.

Marissa Britt Holt

Marissa Britt Holt s a vintage inspired sustainable, womenswear brand.With the Fashion Industry being the second most polluting industry in the world, Marissa Britt Holt uses alternative fabrics in place of animal-based fabrics. With the practice of reducing waste, and using fabrics that aren’t made from harsh dyes and chemicals, Marissa Britt Holt has been made into an echo-friendly brand


Fantabela is an ethnic modern fashion line inspired by my West African upbringings from Cameroon. My mother instilled in me a love of fashion as she would sometimes travel to Europe to select her attires and to bring back clothes to sell to other woman. I created the line with the desire to bring the African culture, history and way of life to every closet. I love to share my culture with the rest of the world . My pieces are modern, classy and glamorous. I design for the modern woman who is not afraid to stand out, who loves to experiment with colors and bold patterns and lastly who is fashion forward. Fantabela is also an ethically conscious fashion line. I partner with tailors and seamstresses from Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon. They manufacture my designs. They are self-thought artisans who usually live in poverty stricken areas. I seek to increase their income, in order to improve their lifestyle. So far, I have partnered with 1 tailor and 5 seamstresses. They are all part of the Fantabela team.

3rdeye Brand

My name is Jean Fredeling born in raised in Brooklyn Ny. I am a crafter / designer of the 3rdeye Brand. I never studied fashion design  but i felt that I  really enjoy to create and so fashion was it for me. This realization made believe I can do something once I put my mind in to it .
I started off with freehand style of designs then graduated my skill with pattern making but it was really the love to express myself, it was as I already knew how to design. By going to libraries and DIY videos I was able to strengthen my creativity with culture and color , attitudes mixed with aptitude which I feel everyone can do BE creative. Our focus is in creating the concept we call “scenario “fashion. We find that theirs an outfit for any situation.  We are driven by the idea because through the fashion  experience trail and error , we all are creative..
We express this through the use of wardrobe I want 3rdeye brand to be a reminder that we are all unique, and with this uniqueness we are self awareness.when I’m not designing I use the time to listen to audio books, gaming, meditate and...... at times CANT resist DESIGNING .

Blood of a Billionaire

"Born of hip-hop culture, Blood of a Billionaire is an urban-luxe fashion line of street wear.  The SP19 collection embraces spicy and sweet city girls who hustle and grind all day and night with ultra-femme style and raw fashion. This Collection features crop tops and hoodies made of fine Italian stretch leathers, lambskin suede accents, mesh details, reptile prints and other quality fabrics."

Too Damn Expensive

Too Damn Expensive is a contemporary womenswear brand founded in Norway. The brand encapsulates an intelligent sense of design with timeless and luxurious pieces. The focus is on statement yet functional and versatile style whereby a lot of the pieces can be transformed and worn in different ways and gives the customer freedom to transform the style of each garment to obtain a new look from only one piece. Almost all the pieces are made from 100% tencel/lyocell, an incredible silky and soft fabric, which is sustainably regenerated from wood cellulose and is one of the most environmental friendly regenerated fabrics.
“We transform and play with timeless design that can be worn forever. They are non-seasonal and most garments can be worn different ways. We like to create building blocks of high quality pieces that can be combined and mixed with other wardrobe staples for years to come”


Vestrada is a brand that promote style, comfort and, design that embellishes the figure of the body with simple lines and touches of embroidery which make unique garments.

Viktoria Tisza

Viktoria Tisza, Budapest based fashion designer launched her brand in 2012, mainly focusing on women’s swimwear. Since then she came out with 5 spring/summer collections, each summer widening the horizons of swimwear, extending the line to bodysuits and jumpsuits, applying exciting fabrics and designing pure forms with some futuristic flavour. In recent years she has been experimenting with new technologies and she has created molded pieces of silicone rubber, a versatile material, that supports her sci-fi ambience concepts. The technology developed and the pieces created besides being visually pleasing, waterproof and enduring are highly eco-friendly, as there is no waste produced during the creative process and keeping them clean hardly needs water and chemicals.

William Lei

Founded in 2018, William Lei is an upscale contemporary menswear brand that brings pioneering approach in classic apparel. “Personal style is disappearing in most part of the society because people set too many boundaries in life. There is a lack of obsession to deliver a solution to this matter. Fashion should enhance people’s life but not to set boundaries.”

Alexandria Von Bromssen

Alexandria von Bromssen’s line, House of AvB, was created in 2008, celebrating an endogenous style of fashion, catering to both men and women.  Hailing from Sweden, Alexandria first entered the fashion world modeling throughout Italy, Spain, Greece, and Australia.   She later fell in love with designing and holds a Masters of Arts Degree from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco.  Currently based in the San Francisco/Bay Area, she opened her Red Square Boutique in 2010, which also serves double-duty for her Camp Couture, a children’s sewing camp. Aside from all this, she is probably best known for being runner-up on Season 12 of Project Runway.  She was definitely one of the most popular and talented contestants the series has ever had.  One of her many current projects includes giving back to the community at large and nurturing less privileged youths by exposing them to discovering creative joys through the beauty of fashion and design.  It’s clear that the doctrine of creating our own destiny is what has taken her to where she is today.


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