Seoul Painters

Won Jeon, the founder of PAINTERS, studied Fashion Design at Seoul Mode Fashion Institute (2012-2014) and Womenswear at  London College of Fashion (2014-2018).he worked at 2 designers label called ZEQUUN (Seoul) and  Faustine Steinmetz (London). After those experiences, He started his label at Seoul called 'PAINTERS'.PAINTERS is focused on developing specific identity and aesthetic in Womenswear through their collections to propose different form of beauty. PAINTERS is trying to creating new shapes that do not effected by others taste or trend. Not only following beautiful faces, garments or proportion like lots of ad, PAINTERS aimed, to make a new impact that different people could be accepted within their own level of  individual's tastes and identity. Therefore, PAINTERS is trying to propose people with different beauty and shapes to suggest different ideas of form.

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Elene Hristova

Fashion house "Elena Hristova" is named after its designer and offers ladies boutique dresses and clothes with folklore motifs. Individual and authentic models to
impress and conquer peaks!Dressed in this way, you will leave a lasting memory in the mind and
imagination of everyone touched by you! Trust different styles and designs, be brave and memorable! Formed less than a year ago, the clothes of the fashion house "Elena Hristova" are already circulating in the world - Spain, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, etc.

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ACCENT is an ethical and sustainable fashion label based in San Francisco, California, that designs men's and women's slim fit blazers for a lean professional look.Our mission is to make you look good, while providing a gift of access to opportunity to kids in underserved regions of the world. 
With the help of my dad, we started accent to make people feel fabulous about the way they look. Accent is also a platform to have game-changing conversations about the future of our community, humanity and the planet.

All garments are designed and made with ethical and sustainable standards. They are produced in limited quantities and combine value with quality.


Mia Maree Couture

Mia Evans was born and raised in San Francisco CA and later moved to the East Bay where she married then divorced and raised her three children as a single mom.  For many years, Mia has been inspired by well known high end fashion designers from a young age and before she knew it, she had a strong desire to create a fashion line one day herself.  As a single mom, becoming a fashion designer took the back seat to raising her children and soon enough she was able to attend local schools and networking with people in the industry.  It wasn’t long before Mia’s patients, hard work and determination paid off because she’s now a raising entrepreneur in the fashion industry.  The butterfly that displays on Mia’s logo represents the shy little girl from low income communities of San Francisco with the trails & tribulations of divorce and single motherhood as a young woman, to the most humble, strong, beautiful, intelligent and sophisticated women that she is today!

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Fabric Da Vinci

Founded in 2011 by an interdisciplinary scholar turned interdisciplinary artist, Fabric da Vinci is a brand that embodies the concept of the modern-day Renaissance man. Each collection is inspired by a sociopolitical theme that goes beyond surface level inspiration and delves deep into conceptual art and academic journalism—think Vogue meets National Geographic. Often this motivation creates a unique balance between thoughtfully well designed ready to wear garments and wildly abstracted wearable art pieces showcased cohesively and tied together by a common theme. Because the brand’s purpose is first and foremost educational, and created through nontraditional means of experimentation, no garment is reproduced creating one of a kind experiences for the consumer but content for all to enjoy and consume. Each collection from Fabric da Vinci seeks to inform, educate, inspire and entertain


Guadalupe Ramirez

Guadalupe Daniel Ramirez is a first generation Mexican-American. He studied at the Fashion Design Program at the Santa Fe Community College graduating in 2005, and continued his studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York.  Guadalupe supports foundations who fund Women's cancer support and research by presenting charity fashion shows.  His current collection is called La Catrina. Influenced by the artistic dresses, full laces, faces, and colors of La Catrina, Guadalupe made the style his own.


Kucci Bu

Being born and raised in America with an Indian background, the designers work consists of western silhouettes and traditional textiles. Kucci Bu aims to bring her own iteration of eastern fabrics and craftsmanship to the modern world and create designs that are very contemporary and elegant with high quality tailoring, hoping to influence the designer market with fresh and modern designs.

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Celebrating Women and their Power to Change the World, One Dress at a Time.

AGAATI derived from the Sanskrit word Agati means Origin, arrival or arising. A demi-couture lifestyle brand AGAATI brings together culture, craftsmanship and nature inspired designs to the modern woman as one-of-a-kind experience in sustainable and accessible luxury. And in doing so, empower her to empower others! What you wear is more than just a piece of clothing. It tells a story about you in an unspoken language and reveals a deeper connection with your emotions, values, and culture. From the very beginning AGAATI has inspired the modern woman to look closely at what she wears, why she wears it and how it impacts people and the environment. AGAATI is leading fashion into the much-needed sustainable future!

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William Lei

Founded in San Francisco, WILLIAM LEI incorporates daily essential into luxury fashion with simplicity and elegance in every collection. Tailoring is the brand’s forte, with notable pieces from luxury jacketing to evening wear. Each garment is constructed with fabrics from luxurious European mills that share the brand’s emphasis on craftsmanship. Voted as the Best Ready-to-wear designer from Fashion Community Week September 2018, WILLIAM LEI is currently being featured by GQ Spring 19 issues. The 1-year-old brand is highly sought after by Hollywood celebrities, musicians and professional athletes.

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Tom Foolery

Tom Foolery started with the simple idea of creating rompers that allow women to use the ladies room without sitting on a drafty stall clutching your naked chest with your jumpsuit around your ankles while frantically tracking passers by in the crack next to the door. The solution was this: an open, overlapping side seam with a drop down seat.

Tom Foolery jumpsuits are made locally and under fair conditions. Our goal is to not only create visually appealing garments, but to maintain integrity in the production process. All jumpsuits are made from plastic bottles collected in Haiti. Our partners at Thread International develop environmentally responsible jersey and create thousands of jobs in developing countries with the production process. Thread is a socially and environmentally conscious corporation on a mission to end poverty by creating dignified jobs and responsible, high-quality fabrics. We are very proud and excited to be a contributor to their goal. We hope to set an example of true transparency and ethically produced clothing.

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From graphic design to fashion: creativity for Simona Felici has always been part of her life.

The detailed study of shapes and the accurate research of textiles make Anomis Clothes a brand which is a mixture of straightforwardness and color.

It is exactly the selection of textiles with its prints and manufacturing, which represents the beginning of the creative process for the Italian designer.

With its SS19, Anomis Clothes offers deconstructed clothes, with soft cuts. Multicolr lurex double-knits, jumpsuits, palazzo pants and psychedelic embroideries, recall atmospheres from the 70’s, which become the ‘fil rouge’ of the entire collection. Years which represent a constant reference in Anomis’ world, which makes of her trousers the undisputed main characters of her brand and of tailoring and customization her strength.

“My job is empathy” is her motto. 

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